Urban Systems

The enabling potential of the City’s infrastructrue

The flows of heat, electricity, water and waste are the metabolism of the city. We are specialists in architecture that enables cities to work through the designing of these essential systems and the buildings and structures necessary to support them. Within URBAN SYSTEMS we link technical knowledge with analytical rigor and architectural values – in the interface between technology, humans and urban space.


Infrastructure must adapt to change, unpredictability and a growing population. Often, they cannot be concealed, but rather become significant parts of our urban environment. We see these factors as potentials, if used consciously and strategically. In this way they can create added value to our common spaces, contributing to dynamic meetings between varied functions and needs in the cityscape.

Feasibility studies

Advanced 3-D services


Program phase

Strategic planning-process support



Digital analytical modelling

Project management


Competitions, Energy and Infrastructure, Restoration, Tävling, Urban planning, Urban systems


Energi & teknik, Energy and Infrastructure, Sport facilities, Urban planning, Urban systems


Energi & teknik, Energy and Infrastructure, Publika platser, Stadsbyggnad, Urban systems