Urban Places

The City’s public spaces

The city’s streets, squares, parks and in-between spaces work best when they are a common resource, accessible, attractive and inclusive for us all. They provide an important public function that is worth strengthening and developing. Today we see all too often the encroachment of these spaces in the hunt for valuable property to develop by private interests, and as a result, valuable places for physical activity, recreation and socializing are pushed out. Public squares are occupied by commercial functions and become a kind of mono-cultural cityscape, tailored for one kind of activity and one kind of citizen.


We believe that the mixing of diverse functions can in fact strengthen one another, rather than compete – a synergistic reaction in which 1+1=3. In the quest for resource effective solutions, economic constraints and collaboration, the creation of URBAN PLACES a strategy that gives more value to more people. This is true in the large scale (strategic planning and early phase development), as well as in specific projects in which a park bench or sport field can be the deciding factor for success. In our vision, the city is a pulsating field filled with these possibilities.

Urban planning

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Urban analysis

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Developmental planning



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