Waste-to-Energy Plant

Erik Jarlöv
Assignment Manager

Erik Jarlöv

CEO & Partner
Architect SAR/MSA

+46 (0)708 277 704 / erik@urbandesign.se

Team: Helena Glantz, Anders Ohlin

Project Information

Eco Energy
Donetsk, Ukraina
Competition 2010
1:a pris i inbjuden tävling

WTE, or Waste-to-Energy is a method of burning waste to produce both district heating and electricity, instead of the traditional methods of waste disposal that mean waste-sites and consequent contamination of the environment. Our winning proposal quickly earned the nickname – Beetle, because of its outer shell that can be likened to a carapace. This protective layer composed of aluminum and glass provides a semi-enclosed environment for workers to access the various parts of the facility.