Michael Lee Dudley
Assignment Manager

Michael Lee Dudley

COO & Partner
Architect SAR/MSA

+46 (0)723 959 391 / michael@urbandesign.se

Team: Erik Jarlöv, Helena Glantz, Simon Cauderan

Project Information

SISAB – The Stockholm School Properties Company
Rinkeby, Stockholm
Open competition, 2018
RISE & Manuel Cubas

Our entry into the open competition initiated by SISAB, in which they asked for a visionary proposal for how school environments in Stockholm could develop. We didn’t win the competition, but our proposal was chosen for It’s particularly visionary qualities and we were given the opportunity of presenting it for SISAB´s personnel as a source of inspiration in an internal workshop series in which they re-formulated their business strategy for the year 2040.


From the competition entry:


All of Rinkeby is a place for learning in which each school is a part of the greater whole, with the strength that comes through collaboration and interdependence. The 5 schools in the community are woven together through a small-scale network of creative, safe walkways, or thoughtpaths.


Along these thoughtpaths are located Hubrids*. These are architectural building blocks and spaces that are created and adapted through use and collaboration. Each hubrid has a clear expression based on a cross-fertilization of its functions and its placement. They create a new ecosystem of inside and outside, of formal pedagogic forms and informal ones. In this way they enable a layering of issues of resource effectivity, learning and places for social interaction


Rinkeby as a place of learning is open to all ages. Kids feel a sense of belonging and security, young people feel a sense of identity, pride and the courage to meet others and everyone is a participant in each other’s learning journey.

*hub + hybrid = hubrid