Michael Lee Dudley
Assignment Manager

Michael Lee Dudley

COO & Partner
Architect SAR/MSA

+46 (0)723 959 391 / michael@urbandesign.se

Team: Simon Cauderan

Project Information

The Living History Forum
Completed 2018
Ateljé Altmann
The Year´s Pedagogic prize, 2018

“There are times in history, as well as today, when we are confronted with choices that will determine whether we take the role of the bystander in a critical situation. Several factors influence the choices we make. Despite the fact that most of us see ourselves as independent, responsible people, few choose to get involved in an uncertain, or potentially dangerous situation. Why is this so? What psychological forces are at play that may decide our actions?” – out of The Living History Forum’s exhibition text

The serious subject matter of this exhibition is reflected in the strict form language which provides an intimacy and focus for the carefully curated collection of images, films, sounds and artefacts placed in frames of stained wood in monumental format. These frames are organized into a number of stations that divide the subject matter in a clear manner, while giving the visitor the possibility of choosing in what order they will experience the various subjects. The modern, distinct form lifts the historical subject matter into our present day to emphasize their timeless relevance.

After being shown in Forum’s own exhibition space, this project will travel across the country, which was a particular parameter to consider in the design, construction and life-span of the built elements.