Helena Glantz
Assignment Manager

Helena Glantz

Process Manager & Partner
Architect SAR/MSA

+46 (0)704 869 122 / helena@urbandesign.se

Team: Boris Ivnik, Alexander Stålhandske, Erik Jarlöv, Meri Serra

Project Information

Stockholm Exergi and the City of Stockholm
Energihamnen, Stockholm
Completed 2017

In this building, which is a part of Värtaverkets new biofuel cogeneration plant, left-over material from the forest industry in the form of wood chips is processed before being transported to an underground fuel depot in wait for incineration. The base of the building, composed of dark-tinted concrete, reflects its functional content through a series of openings, while the upper portion of the building is made up of pre-fab elements of lighter colored concrete. A vertical ‘gap’ above the entrance accentuates the elevator shaft through its orange colored accent. The cubic form of the building expresses its role as an important node in the energy production process. From the top of the building extends a conveyor belt to the ash silos where waste-products after incineration are processed.