Michael Lee Dudley
Assignment Manager

Michael Lee Dudley

COO & Partner
Architect SAR/MSA

+46 (0)723 959 391 / michael@urbandesign.se

Team: Agneta Pettersson, Erik Jarlöv, Helena Glantz, Teodor Åström, Alessandra Milazzi, Simon Cauderan, Meri Serra, Ricard Aronsson, Thomas Touma

Project Information

Stockholm Royal Seaport, Stockholm

The assignment was to create, together with Kungsleden, a new vision for the building Rotterdam, which is located in the rapidly developing area of Stockholm Royal Seaport which was originally an industrial area. The existing building from the late nineties was in need of renovation and modernization in order to attract new tenants in the quickly changing commercial real estate market. Our concept was dubbed – “The Rotterdam District” as a way of describing the strategic position and role this project will have as a new hub during the prolonged period of transformation in the area.

Our work has included a major refurbishment, façade transformation with a focus on the street level and a new commercial concept to respond to the vision for the area of a vibrant, walkable city. We have supported the Kungsleden team with tenant feasibility sketches, negotiations and contract documents, as well as construction documents for the renovation and tenant spaces.

In this transformation the building will change from a single-occupant building for Swedish Televion, to a multi-tenant one.