Helena Glantz
Assignment Manager

Helena Glantz

Process Manager & Partner
Architect SAR/MSA

+46 (0)704 869 122 / helena@urbandesign.se

Team: Erik Jarlöv, Stina Eriksson

Project Information

Competition proposal 2014
Arkipol, Land Arkitektur & Sweco Structure

We participated in an invited competition for a new energy plant in Uppsala. Our proposal was based on three basic principles: the silhouette, the family and the space in between.

The power plant will undeniably change the silhouette of this historical city as it stretches up to the sky, over the horizon. It begins with a stable base and gradually turns into a lighter structure on its way up, basically dissolving as it rises. The major functions have been articulated by giving each one their own separate volume, arranged together in a group, in a family of forms. This allows each volume to be modified as the technical requirements develop during the design process, independent of the others in the “family”, without affecting the overall composition. The volumes are separated by spaces that break up the entire complex and provide exciting views between.