Erik Jarlöv
Assignment Manager

Erik Jarlöv

CEO & Partner
Architect SAR/MSA

+46 (0)708 277 704 / erik@urbandesign.se

Team: Michael Dudley, Simon Cauderan, Peter Hulting, Helena Glantz m.fl.

Project Information

Hufvudstaden AB
Invited competition entry 2017
Adore Adore

In this invited competition for an expansion and modernization of an entire city block within Vallgraven, central Gothenburg, we created a vision that was firmly rooted in the location and the city’s history. While making this careful contextual reading of the place, we proposed a new possible direction for the development of this critical node in the urban center by widening the street Östra Larmgatan, thereby encouraging a new pedestrian route which was in keeping with the city’s long-term developmental strategy. A vertical tower replaced the portion of Johannes Olivegren’s building from the seventies that needed to be removed in order to widen the street, which created a visual focal point for the square in front – Hotellplatsen and announced the arrival to the commercial area of the city. The remaining “gap” in the square, known as “brända tomten” (the burned site) provided the opportunity to create an infill building and new entrance to the square, creating a new path through the dense urban structure of the revitalized block within.