Our work is firmly grounded in an interest in transformative ideas, knowledge creation and exchange. One way in which this is reflected is through the working methods utilized in our projects, where ongoing discussions, research and global awareness lead to continual idea development. As a part of our daily work, internal workshops, seminars and discussions are particularly important. Outside of the office, we engage in seminars, conferences, competitions, idea projects and exhibitions, as well as architectural- and civic debates. Sometimes we engage others in this work. Our recent working partners have included RISE, Kairos Future, Sveafastigheter, Balder and ElectriCity.


Erik Jarlöv

Architect SAR/MSA


+46 (0)708 277 704


Culture, Exhibitions, Idé & engagemang, Kultur, Public buildings, Publika byggnader, Restaurering, Restoration, Urban hubs, Utställning, Voluntary engagement