We are working to create a less segregated city and daily test the limits of what truly inclusive housing can mean. Smart, cost-effective housing that is attractive for a broad demographic mix should also be tied to issues of long-term value, as well as strategic placement with access to employment and educational opportunities, recreation and public and private amenities. A growing and vital city is dependent on good housing, but to see it in isolation risks missing the point in the end. Housing is part of a larger whole. We want to contribute by creating the economic and physical space for other functions in the housing projects we work with, as well as listen closely to present and even future residents. As a part of our daily work we often look for available space that can be developed, thereby healing the tears in the city fabric.


Erik Jarlöv

VD & Partner
Arkitekt SAR/MSA


+46 (0)708 277 704


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